Precision Glass Molding Technology

Manufacturing glass molding presses and aspheric lenses since 2006

Molded spherical and aspheric lenses

About DTI Precision Glass Molding

DTI Precision Glass Molding helps customers develop ideas from the initial concept phase through production.  Our focus is precision glass molding of aspheric lenses.  We provide a scalable glass molding press for rapid lens development and for customers who want to vertically integrate lens fabrication into their manufacturing process.  We also provide prototype and production lens services up to 25 mm.

Founded in 1995 in Sanford, Florida as an engineering service company, we continue to offer mechanical engineering services to a variety of clients.  We offer design and packaging electro-mechanical and optical components for high reliability applications in harsh environments.  

Products and Services

Proudly offering glass molding and lens prototyping

Glass molding press

Scalable glass molding presses for rapid lens development

Lens prototyping and Tooling

Providing prototype and production lens services up to 25 mm

Our Strengths and Commitments


The GP-10000 HT is CE rated for EMC and safety


Compliant with US government export controls and International Treaty on Arms and Rockets (ITAR)


Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) commitment


In-house research, design, vertical manufacturing and production

Molding cycle

  1. Mold 1 cools
  2. The lower mold assembly is preloaded with a glass preform
  3. Then the second slide aligns with the upper bellhousing while the finished lens is removed from the first slide
  4. The upper housing is lowered, chamber is vacuum purged, and then backfilled with nitogren
  5. Inside the chamber, the mold is heated and soaks at Tg. Then, the upper mold compresses to a fixed position with a force of up to 1,000 lbs
  6. Then the chamber is nitogren-cooled to 250°C and the compression force is reduced to prevent uneven cooling and shrinking contact is maintained
  7. Finally, the housing is raised and the process can be repeated on the other slide

Precision Glass Molding Technology

Aspheric and micro-fluidics applications

Molded aspheric lenses

Optical solutions delivered with unparalleled accuracy and quality

GP-5000 HT
Precision Glass Press

Fully enclosed, compact press designed for compression molding of precision optical elements

Carbide molds

25 mm and 3 mm dia. tungsten carbide molds with Pt/Iridium Coating