Lens Services

Providing prototype and production lens services up to 25 mm


Our expertise in precision glass molding of aspheric lenses enables us to transform ideas into tangible optical solutions. From conception to production, we can deliver lenses with unparalleled accuracy and quality. Whether you’re in need of rapid prototyping or seeking to integrate lens fabrication into your manufacturing process, our scalable glass molding press ensures efficiency and reliability.


  • Temperature compensated mold designs.
  • Molded glass material up to 800 C.
  • Inspection of molds and finished lenses.
  • Prototype and production lenses up to 25 mm dia.
  • Aspheric lens design compensated for index shift during molding.








Our comprehensive tooling services complement our precision glass molding capabilities, providing support for seamless production processes. The solutions we offer empower customers to realize their vision from conception to completion. Whether it’s for rapid lens development or vertical integration into manufacturing processes, our tooling expertise ensures the foundation for precise and reliable production.


  • Tooling diameters: 10, 15 & 25 with rings to control finished diameter and centrations
  • Binder-less tungsten carbide and aluminum
  • Tooling scaled to compensate for mold and lens expansion during molding
  • Coatings: Pl-Ir, DLC, TiAlN, and DTIonic
  • Surface roughness is less than 5 nm
  • Alignment sleeves in tungsten carbide and silicon carbide